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We started in 1999 as the country’s first international college offering UK based programs in Business Administration, Communication Arts, and Information Technology. Thames is also the pioneer in entrepreneurship education through the Entrepreneurs’ School of Asia.


Thames is a small tightly-knit community that has its own unique brand of student life that aims to enrich and enhance the overall development of students. Being involved in various activities, both co-curricular and extra-curricular is an integral part of the Thames experience.

This is in line with the school’s philosophy that well-rounded learning necessitates making the world our classroom, whether it be domestically or internationally. Students can choose from clubs and organizations that revolve around sports, outdoor, leisure, communication media, and social outreach. Majority of the numerous projects and events during any given term are actually conceptualized and implemented by students.

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Why spend your entire college life just in the Philippines? Learn in and from the world by completing your degree abroad and graduate with a prestigious foreign degree. In the increasingly interconnected world of business and media, those who have international exposure and links will have an advantage.

Students under this program take the first two years of college in the Philippines and take the final 1-2 years abroad in any of our partner universities in the UK, Australia or Singapore.

The Thames Foreign Degree track has helped hundreds of families finally afford sending their son or daughter abroad for college. Our alumni have graduated from UK universities such as Portsmouth University, Middlesex University, Oxford Brookes University, University of Hertfordshire and Northumbria University. In Australia, our students graduated from Curtin University, Bond University and the University of Southern Queensland.


Instead of shouldering the cost of 3-4 years of studying overseas, those taking the Thames Foreign Degree program only need to pay the international fees on their final years of study overseas. This effectively reduces the cost by as much as 2/3 of the total expenses. Students who have excelled locally, may have a chance to further cut their costs by applying for a university scholarship grant.

Parents also need not worry about letting their kids go too early since the first 2 years of college are spent in the Philippines.

By studying overseas, students will effectively broaden their horizons and be able to develop a valuable international network of contacts not available to any local university.


  • Students do their first two years in the Philippines and simply transfer to a partner university overseas to complete their Bachelor’s degree
  • The program greatly simplifies the transfer process for students.
  • Thames career advisers assist in selecting universities as well as programs and liaises directly with the chosen institutions on behalf of the students.
  • Thames students simply fill out the university’s application form and do not need to take any entrance exams.

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