Thames International started in 1999 as the country’s first international college offering UK based programs in Business Administration, Communication Arts, and Information Technology. Thames is also the pioneer in entrepreneurship education through the Entrepreneurs’ School of Asia.

A Pioneer and Innovator

Twinning Program

Thames students take the first two (2) years in the Philippines and the final 1-2 years in the UK, Australia or Singapore to finish their bachelor’s degrees. Compared to the cost of going straight abroad for four years, Thames is able to make foreign degrees more affordable by cutting the cost to only about 30-40% of the regular cost.

Entrepreneurship Program

Students successfully start and run their own business in their final year of study. Moreover, like the Foreign degree program, students are able to gain international exposure by taking a minimum of 1 term abroad.



Flipped classroom approach where the traditional learning environment is reversed by delivering lectures online and discussion or homework is moved into the classroom.
Mentoring where each student is assigned a mentor to act as an academic counselor
Small class sizes to increase engagement among students and lecturers
Experiential learning where students are exposed to real-life challenges that test their mental and physical ability
Professors and lecturers are actual practitioners who can substantiate concepts and relate theory to real life examples



Novus Ordus

Thames International is committed to develop a new order of business professionals, enlivened by a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, possessing the skills, knowledge and attitude that reflect the best of human values to work toward a just and more equitable society.

Make the world your classroom

Balancing current theories with real world practices. Thames students apply their skills and knowledge in the real world by planning, implementing, and evaluating solutions to actual problems with the guidance of our distinguished list of lecturers.

Triple Bottomline


Thames International aims to develop business professionals who consistently make a positive impact on society.

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