Student leaders all set for the year!!



Student leaders all set for the year!

              On July 10, 2018, the incoming interim heads and deputies of the student organizations went through their Leadership Training and Planning Seminar held inside the campus. These student-leaders stepped up and volunteered to serve as interim heads and deputies until such time that election of officers is conducted. For now, they are focusing on further developing their skills as leaders by going through the different tasks and tests facilitated by our very own alumni, Ezekiel Rebueno, Joseph Sanchez, and Eikka Garcia, who has just received the Leadership Award during their recently held commencement exercises.

The team of heads composed of Charles Claro, Eilynn Feliciano, Lui Mawis, Lars Vinluan, Hendricks Romantico, and their deputies, Paolo Aguas, Diego Cuajunco, Alyssa Serna, and JC Brion, went through a series of activities that tested their decision-making skills, ability to work with others while facing conflicts, and their resourcefulness in finding solutions to given problem despite the limited options that they have. Everyone was razor-focused and gave their best in all the challenges that brought them out of their comfort zones by going through activities such as cracking eggs onto their respective partners’ foreheads, and adjusting to each other’s styles and idiosyncrasies when they had to literally feed each other during a working lunch activity. Since they will all be working together for most part of the school year, it was deemed to be necessary by the facilitators that they become comfortable with each other as they plan for and execute the different student activities for the year.

After the challenges in the morning, a more formal meeting among the leaders followed as presentation and calendaring of the proposed activities were done by each of the student organizations. Everyone was excited to talk about each organization’s plans and how each one could help out in the execution of the brilliant ideas of their fellow student-leaders. Details of which will be presented by the leaders in due time but truly, this year is getting more thrilling not just for these student-leaders, but also to the rest of the student body that they will be serving!

Prepared by:

Emmanuel Santos

Head of Student Affairs


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