A New Order: The Cycle Begins

A New Order: The Cycle Begins

            As Thames International | Entrepreneurs School of Asia  embarks on re-introducing itself with a more innovative and enhanced curriculum, it is not only the school that is starting anew, but each new student is being equipped with the essential tools required of true changemakers. Because taking the first few steps of the journey can cause much anxiety, student orientations come in to provide the guidance, assurance, and security that students look for to get themselves going. It was initially on the thirteenth of August that the school had planned its first day but unfortunately, classes had been suspended due to the heavy rains. Tuesday came, and it seemed as if another announcement were to be made about the weather. Skipping school was an inevitable option, but the new students say otherwise.


To be able to acclimatize with the new surroundings and feel more comfortable with each other, the new students’ orientation entitled “Startup”, was organized to provide the needed information and experience. This was done through various enriching and interactive activities to enlighten us and boost our excitement for college. We talked about the school’s history and distinction versus others, leading to an appreciation of the school’s vision.  It was a tight-knit community and the valuable interactions provided a glimpse of the exciting experiences the school year has to offer. In the very last activity with the student leaders called the “Croc Pit”, the entire batch had a chance to establish stronger communication and trust with each other. The activity required all of us to be cooperative and to work as a team, making this the activity that most students found to be of great value and enjoyment.


Upon entering this new chapter of our lives, things seemed uncomfortable at first. Nevertheless, the activities hosted by the upperclassmen along with the faculty helped break the ice. These served as the perfect opportunity to become part of the tightly-knit Thames family. In this unique environment, each person would not have to be afraid to approach and communicate with one another. There’s a new sense of friendship and teamwork that will guide all of us throughout our journey in Thames International. When asked if the activities in our orientation were a success, majority would agree due to the laughter, stories, and support making each one look forward to the challenges and triumphs ahead.


By: Jannika Arciaga, Yana De Villa, Hannah Magdangal and Jose Luis Sto. Domingo

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