The programs aim to produce graduates who understand the various areas of mass communication while also equipping them with sufficient exposure in a possible specialization.

Graduates can either work in industries such as broadcasting, publishing, marketing communication or start-up their own venture, all of which require the development and application of various communication tools. The program also provides a crucial business and managerial perspective in using communication tools.



E.S.A.’s BA in Communication Arts (Mass Comm) degree program is for individuals who wish to express and develop their creativity with a focus on mass media while also learning the crucial business perspective. Graduates will be able to provide a key link between the creative and business aspects of communication.

  • Students can focus on PR & Advertising or Digital Film
  • Option to finish a foreign degree overseas
  • Includes a 480-hour internship
  • Last 6 months entails dealing with actual clients/markets
  • Capstone project requires addressing client’s needs
  • Very hands on and applied
  • Integrates personal and life skill development



Work for a PR-Advertising agency, media company, or in Corporate Communications of a business organization for your final year internships. Complete your program with a final project that entails seeking out clients, understanding their communication needs, conceptualizing solutions, ‘pitching’ and actually producing them. Have a portfolio to show prospective employers or set up your own agency.

Alternatively, acquire key skills and knowledge in the digital film industry and produce a digital film, documentary, or marketing video in your final year of study. Develop a movie concepts and seek out producers to fund your film or evaluate an actual client’s needs, conceptualize solutions, and produce a marketing video or documentary to fulfill the such needs.



Utilize and develop your creative skills. Learn how to develop public relations and advertising campaigns for various organizations. Learn various techniques and strategies to help organization develop better relationships with its various stakeholders through events and publications. Conceptualize and create unique advertisements to support a firm’s overall strategy.

Being creative is longer sufficient. Learn to manage people and projects related to public relations and advertising in a media company, PR & advertising firm, or start your own and work on various projects.



With the rapid development of digital imaging technology, new avenues and models for ‘film’ production are opening up. Learn how to capitalize on such opportunities and produce your own independent film project.

Acquire key knowledge and skills required in the digital film production industry. Just as importantly, understand the business side of the industry to be more effective whether it be in a larger media production organization or in your own start-up production house. Learn to manage people, understand costs versus revenues, and market such services.

Below are two videos made by E.S.A Communication Arts students. The promotional video on the Communication Arts program is one of a series of four videos produced by a student as her final project. The music video was a group’s project for a video production class. The video ended up as the winning entry in a popular band’s music video making contest.

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