Take Business Administration as preparation for entering the corporate world. Get an edge by applying and developing key work skills to complement knowledge acquired, and by gaining valuable corporate work experience before graduating.

Those who are interested in analyzing industries and markets to develop better strategies for companies to provide products/services better than competitors’ can major in Marketing. Meanwhile, those who are interested in improving a business organization’s efficiency and productivity to gain competitive advantage can major in Operations.

Students also have additional options to further concentrate in International Business and/or to finish their degree at a university overseas.



The BS Business Administration is a three-year degree program that covers the Core Curriculum, Essential Business, and the Majors & Electives over three stages.

The program prepares students to enter the corporate world or join their family business.



  • Students can choose to major in Marketing or Operations
  • Internship of 720 hours, typically spread over 3 semesters
  • Option to complete a foreign degree overseas
  • Incorporates a final comprehensive research project
  • Integrates personal and life skills development
  • Application-focused

An integral theme of the program is its real-world emphasis to better prepare students for their final year and entry into industry after graduation.



The first stage provides students with a general overview of business concepts with an entrepreneurial approach. Students are made to apply both in various minor projects and co-curricular activities. This stage is typically completed during a student’s first year.

The second stage builds on the previous stage as students begin taking their major subjects and electives to pursue their concentration and tackle key areas in greater depth. It is also at the start of this stage that students can switch majors. After completing this stage, students have the option of pursuing a foreign degree.

The final stage entails undergoing the three-leg internship program. Students typically work for a second organization at the end of either the first or second leg of their internship. This provides greater breadth of work experience and allows for additional depth in one of the two organizations.

The internship program also allows students to demonstrate their value to organizations which gives them an advantage of potentially being recruited after graduation.

Those who plan to join their family business may be given the option to do part of their internship at their family’s business.

An essential part of this last stage is also an in-depth final research project on a topic agreed upon by the student and his mentor. This capstone project requires the student to identify a relevant business issue, explore possible options, and propose an optimal resolution.

Those with family businesses may opt to do their research project on a related topic.



Some of the modules covered under the majors include

Operations Major

  • Operations Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Project Management
  • Productivity & Quality
  • Facilities Management
  • Strategic Operations
  • Total Quality Management

Marketing Major

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Research
  • Professional Salesmanship
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Distribution Management
  • Retail Management
  • Product Management
  • Advertising


Marketing students will focus on better understanding the process of identifying, targeting, and satisfying markets. This would entail gathering market information through research and being able to apply the results to different aspects ranging from product development to advertising, and all the way to distribution and retailing.



Operations students will focus on improving processes and increasing efficiency in relation to inventory control, production-operations, distribution, and facilities management. The concentration requires significant use of various quantitative tools.

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