This program is for those who would like to start building their business empire in college. It is a three-year program that covers the Core Curriculum, Essential Business modules, and the Major Venture-series modules over four key stages.


  • Students start and run their business in their final year
  • Every start-up venture attains profitability before graduation
  • Mentors guide each student to help ensure profitability
  • Very hands-on and applied
  • Integrates life-skills and personal development

The distinct features of the program is that students are required to start and manage their own business during their final year of study. To graduate, students must show that their business is profitable, achieved with the support of their mentors.

The successes of the students and the program over the years has dispelled myths about entrepreneurship. Most of the students started with little capital. Majority were not honor students. Almost all had simple innovations or improvements but were able to identify gaps in particular markets.

With invaluable experience and growing confidence, a large number of students have gone on to establish their second and even third business ventures, some in partnership with fellow-alumni, soon after graduating.


Why work hard for 3-4 years only to worry about looking for work after graduating?
Why wait long to start recovering your investment in your college education?
Are you street smart?
Do you like being in control and enjoy starting up things?
Take entrepreneurship to “have your cake and eat it too” by starting your own business before graduating.

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