Thames “Creative Innovators Programme” Launch

Creative Innovators Programme Launched!


An opportunity to grow can mean everything for the right person. Truthfully, however, this opportunity is not present as often in the Philippines. This is what the Creative Innovators Programme aims to help change by tapping the creative individuals within our nation through the collaborative efforts among Thames International, Apl.De.Ap Foundation, British Council of the Philippines, and the Department of Trade and Industry.


This program ignites the Creative Industry, starting with the launch at The Curve, BGC, last June 8, which my fellow student-leaders from Thames International and I got to attend. The program was also then successfully launched in Davao and Cebu from Jun 11-13, which brought together creative individuals and school personnel, all wanting to embrace the untapped creative industries from all over our nation. The program basically would like to serve as a catalyst for positive change by providing quality education as well as training opportunities and scholarships for both undergraduates and creative professionals.


For me, the program is a sign of hope that people are finally taking notice of untapped potentials. Hearing people from the launch address how the creative arts is often looked down upon made me feel proud to choose film production as my course in life. It’s an opportunity for an often overlooked field to finally be appreciated properly in the global perspective. Having people acknowledge that being creative is an actual viable option in life is very heartwarming.


Being part of this historical launch makes me realize that the field I want to go in is a developing one. Support from programs like this makes me become more confident that the Philippines, and hopefully the rest of the world, would soon understand the need to support the Creative Industry. Being a Communications student of Thames International and having my school be at the forefront of this new way of thinking makes me feel nothing short of pride. It’s because of experiences like this that I realize how important my role is in being one of the creative individuals to show how much impact media actually has on our daily lives.


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Written by:


Emmanuel Angelo “Lui” Mawis

Communications Major

Thames International/ Entrepreneurs School of Asia

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