Understanding Today’s Youth: A Seminar for Parents

Generation gap has been a perennial cause of concern for both parents and teachers who deal with kids. A healthy collaboration between the school and the home is key in providing the best environment for them to learn and discover their full potential.

It is mainly for this purpose that Thames/ Entrepreneurs School of Asia organized a series of seminars for parents. The first was held last Saturday, June 30, at the Thames campus, which focused on “Understanding Today’s Youth”. The speakers were Dr. Nomer Bernardino, an author, theologian, pastor, executive coach, husband and father, all rolled into one; and our very own school president, Mr. Joel Santos.

Parents of both current and incoming students were actively involved as speakers went through the characteristics of the different generations, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z.

As Dr. Bernardino discussed the characteristics of today’s youth, he highlighted the corresponding challenges it brings. He walked through the value systems in terms of family and work, lifestyle and communication channels. He then concluded by sharing with the group some pointers on how children can become the blessing that they were meant to be.

School President, Mr. Joel Santos, then complemented Dr. Bernardino’s presentation by giving an exercise on decoding teen slang. It was interesting to note that only a small percentage of parents were able to “decipher” the words.

After the short coffee break, the seminar was capped by a lively question and answer session. Overall, the parents expressed appreciation for the said activity and were already looking forward to the next one.


Emmanuel Santos

Head of Student Affairs


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